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The use of Energy Storage systems in on-grid applications aims at optimising energy generation from renewable sources, energy transmission and distribution, thereby improving the synchronisation between generation (non-programmable) and charging, and preventing expensive investments in grid infrastructures.

The main services that can be provided through energy storage systems are the following:

Time shift

Time-shifting services provided by storage systems entail an energy shift over time for functions, such as:
• Arbitrage on the price of energy
• Increase in the self-consumption rate
• Reduction of used power
• Load curve flexibilisation (load shifting/peak shaving)

Power quality

Compensating grid voltage fluctuations, thereby improving the quality of the voltage and the continuity of the service

Grid services

Providing services to solve energy congestions in sensitive points of the grid, serving as a frequency regulator (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and as a real-time balancing tool

Backup Power/UPS

Providing long back-up for stationary/hybrid systems in the event of temporary grid absence


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