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The range of solutions provided by FZSONICK are aimed at optimising energy generation from renewable sources, thereby allowing for greater independence from grid/generators and improving the electricity supply service at a lower cost per kWh.

The main services that can be provided through energy storage systems are the following:

Micro-grid support

Sustaining the micro-grid without requiring the electric mains or diesel generators for several hours a day, thereby optimising renewable energy generation.

Time shift

Time-shifting services provided by storage systems entail an energy shift over time for functions, such as: • Increase in the self-consumption rate • Reduction of used power • Load curve flexibilisation (load shifting/peak shaving)

Power quality

Compensating micro-grid voltage fluctuations, thereby improving the quality of the voltage and the continuity of the service

Backup Power/UPS

Providing long back-up for stationary/hybrid systems in the event of temporary grid absence.


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